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Visual appearance

A deep ruby red colour, with legs.

Did you know?
The older the Côte-Rôtie wine, the more "tuilé" (amber) in colour it will be.


A complex and elegant nose that can exude notes of red berries (raspberry, cherry, strawberry) and black berries (blackcurrant, blueberry, mulberry), as well as floral aromas (violet) and spices (pepper, cinnamon, liquorice), as well as noble wooded scents (vanilla, toast, etc.). It may present woody notes, mushrooms, or even leather and smoked bacon, or empyreumatic, roasted aromas of smoke, tobacco, coffee or cocoa.


A wide range of flavours covering the aromas listed above (fruit, spices, etc.).
A fine balance between acidity, tannin and alcohol. A full-bodied wine with a long finish.

Did you know?

A Côte-Rôtie will generally be rich in tannins and fruity flavours when young.
Years spend ageing will soften the tannins, making them more delicate.


Côte-Rôtie wine is meant for ageing. It stands out for its balanced palate, lingering bouquet and pure tannins.
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Winemakers’ tips
Côte-Rôtie wines are meant to be enjoyed, shared with friends or savoured in quiet, relaxing moments...