Outings among the vines

Riverbank to terrace - Tupins-et-Semons

2.5 miles
Start: Car park in front of Condrieu school.
Difficulty: 1/3
2 hours
Signalling: yellow and white markers

This trail takes in the banks of the Rhone, terraced hillsides, and the protected Ile du Beurre. It also features two wooden hides to observe hundreds of species of birds and even beavers! From the Ile du Beurre and the banks of the Rhone, you can also join ViaRhôna (Voie Verte: from Léman to the Mediterranean Sea).

Outward journey
Follow the signs for the Ile de Beurre Observation Centre. Pass under the railway following the stream. Go straight on to reach the dyke on the banks of the Rhone. Panoramic view of the river and the Ile du Beurre. return to the entrance to the Ile du Beurre and cross the footbridge. Go past the visitors' centre. Continue along the path until you reach the second hide. A tunnel takes you under the train lines. Continue along the tarmac path to the visitors' centre. Climb the bank up to the village of Semons by following a small trail that begins near a stone arch. When you reach Semons, go past the church. Views over the Rhone Valley and the vineyards. Be sure to look at the information panels. From Semons, you will cut across 4 bends in the road to get back to the start.

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Vineyard trail - Ampuis


Route: 4 miles (approx.)
3 hours

This trail will take you through some of the Côte-Rôtie's most prestigious vineyards, overlooking the regal river...

Start the trail at the "Entre eau et vin" guest house at Le Port. Here, every first Sunday and Monday in September, you can cheer on the jousters from Lyon and Givors. To the left, go up the Impasse du Port, continuing onto the Petite Rue du Port. Turn right and go past Ampuis chateau, along the rue du Grand Pré.
At the intersection with the Rue des Coutures, turn left along the Rue du Trièves. Go through the underpass to cross the train lines. Follow the Impasse du Trièves until you reach the D386.

Cross the road and head along the Rue de Ritolas. At the crossroads of Rue du Jarre and Route de la Brocarde, take the earthen path in front of you. Go around the house and find the Coursière de Ritolas to your left. Up to half-way up the hill, the path is earthen and then tarmac.
Stop at the viewpoint. The information panel describes the geographical features near and far. Follow the road for 1.5 miles, passing through the hamlets of Ritolas and Giraud before arriving in a car park.

Descend towards Tartaras for 100m, and take the footpath to the left. Cross the stream and the valley. Climb the path to the left to reach the Tartaras plateau. In Tartaras, take the road to the left. After 1000m, take the dead end road. At the end of the tarmac, stop to admire the hillside, the village, the Rhone and the market garden.
Now take the path to the left and descend to the heart of one of France's oldest vineyards. The path leads to a restored building: this is the Moulin (windmill). It is where the Fongeant and Reynard streams meet.
Follow the path parallel to the stream until you reach the D386.
Cross the square in front of the church.
Get back to the stream and take the Rue du Port along to the Rhone.
Yellow and white markers

Opening times: All year round: open every day.
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ViaRhôna - Mountain Biking

Saint-Romain-en-Gal to Sablons

This is the path that will one day wind along 400 miles of the Rhone Valley, through 3 regions and 12 "départements", and that currently passes through Saint Romain En Gal.
Joining the Alps to the Mediterranean, ViaRhôna already takes in some of the banks of the Rhone, with its unique riverside heritage (Museum and archaeological site in St Roman En Gal) and riverside regions (Pays Viennois). The peaceful trail is reserved for gentler modes of transport and accessible to disabled travellers. Follow the banks of the Rhone by bike, rollerblade, pony or on foot.

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