What our fans have to say

I couldn't thank enough my friend who shared a bottle of "Brune et Blonde" with me in the late 80s. I really fell head over heels in love with Syrah, a variety that, being from Anjou, I had not known about! I went on to appreciate the great Syrah wines in the other Rhone AOC, and even tried New World wines, but I have to say that the Côte-Rôtie has, and will always have, a special place in my heart, perhaps due to the memory of my first taste, as well as its virile, charming, and seductive character...

I have the honour of knowing all of the vintages from the majority of the Côte-Rôtie vineyards, and every bottle that I open and taste is a fresh source of emotion, a shared moment, often filled with endless discussion about the vintage's quality, the type of terroir, the winemaking process, or the wine's potential.

It would be hard to mention a single winegrower or merchant, as I have had the pleasure of discovering, appreciating, and sharing so many great bottles of Côte-Rôtie, but I must give a heartfelt thank you to all of them for their availability, easy-going openness and pure passion! So... THANK YOU to Christophe, Patrick, Richard, Bernard, Michel, Brigitte, Gilbert, Louis, Yves, Jacques, Benjamin, David, Pierre, Yves (again!) Didier, Monique, Jean-Michel, Bernadette, Eve, Marcel, Philippe, Corinne, Jean-Paul, Jean-Luc, Bernard, Stéphane (x 4!), René, Bastien, Michel, Christine, Paul, Pierre-Jean, François, and a few that I have probably forgotten... You have all given me some of your time to initiate me in these great wines that I will be enjoying until the end of my days!

Christophe (Club des Vinosophes, Gironde)