Domaine de Corps de Loup


Famille Daubrée
2 route de Lyon - 69420 Tupin-et-Semons
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In short

The Daubrée Family

Lucette & Martin
A couple not lacking in courage, patience and creativity.
Their perseverance and complementary natures have enabled them to bring the Domaine de Corps de Loup back to life.

The estate's winemaking technician. Passionate about nature, his career has led him to strive ever further towards his vision of cultivation that respects the environment.
Among the vines or in the wine cellar, and even winemaking process, he likes to work the land and its stones throughout the seasons.

A true wine lover, he likes to share his passion in the tasting room. He is just as often out among the vines as in the wine cellar, but his favourite thing is to share his passion with others. His stories and keen sense of hospitality make him the estate's preferred spokesman during visits and tastings.

Le Domaine de Corps de Loup
It is said that this is where the region's last wolf was killed, from where the site takes its name, but the first written records of winegrowing in Corps de Loup date from 827. In 1720 the castle and its gardens sprung up on the hillside. In 1991, when the Daubrée family acquired the estate's 9 hectares, they had been long forgotten, abandoned to brambles and woodland which had claimed back the hillside.
This was the beginning of a Herculean labour: the hillsides were cleared, the vineyard replanted, and the buildings restored.
Today, the vineyard is reborn and the story can continue.

There is a single guideline: the quest for finesse and balance to produce a wine that is a sound representative of its terroir and its vintage.
At the estate, respect for nature and the terroir is a prerequisite.
The terraced vineyards mean that all cultivation is performed manually. Treatments are carefully selected, with preference given to those that stimulate natural defences or that are natural themselves.
The manual harvest is sorted ruthlessly. A traditional winemaking process is used, and the extended fermentation uses native yeasts.
The wines are matured for two years in oak barrels, stored within our traditional wine cellar.

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We attend the Ampuis wine market

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  • Agriculture raisonnée
  • Côtes-du-Rhône Terroir d'Accueil
  • Label Vignobles & Découvertes

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