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Hervé Avallet
3838 route du Grisard - 69560 Saint-Cyr-sur-le-Rhône
Tél.: 33 (0)6 86 36 82 87

In short

I like to think of myself as an "old new" winegrower... old in that I am well into my 40s, yet new because I have been a winegrower for just 5 years.
After a rewarding career in IT, I decided to take the plunge when I hit 40.

I took a course at the Macon Davayé CFPPA, and with a small family vineyard I was ready to go.
I now cultivate 5 hectares of vines, which I entirely planted myself, with Côte-Rôtie in Saint-Cyr-sur-le-Rhône Condrieu, and Côte du Rhône, as well as Vin de Pays on the Seyssuel hillsides, soon to be accompanied by Saint Joseph.
Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of my family: my wife who believed in me from the start and remains supportive today, as well as my father, Georges Avallet, a passionate winegrower and maker.

I produce an "OSA" Côte-Rôtie vintage, a nod to my career change as well as to Condrieu and the Vins de Pays from the vineyards planted on the Seyssuel hillsides.

Every day brings a fresh challenge, some greater than others, to be overcome in time, and I think that being a winemaker is the best job in the world.


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